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Craniofacial Research Instrumentation Laboratory (2)
University of the Pacific
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Our goal is to provide easy access to our extensive Craniofacial Database, as well as papers and ongoing research.

Thank You
We are grateful for the support that we have received for this site from the Family of Dr. J. Rodney Mathews and the organizations named on our Acknowledgements Page.

Getting Started

For an overview of our currently available studies, click the "Studies" link in the grey navigation bar on the left side of this page. Each study has a brief description, as well as a link to the display of thumbnail images of the cases making up the study. By clicking on a thumbnail, you can view the headfilm, with landmarks and measurements overlaid.

To view an example of a headfilm and overlaid data from Study 8101 (a study that draws a selection of cases from the Mathews Acquisition Group), click here:

Click to see Mathews sample 1 page

Once the image is displayed, you can highlight additional measurements by selecting them in the table to the right of the image, and clicking the Refresh button.

To see the same case with data from 8 timepoints superimposed on Sella/Nasion, click here:

Click to see Mathews sample 2 page

To view and download CRIL publications, click "Print Publications" in the grey Navigation Bar on the left side of this page.

For more information about using the CRIL web site, click an item under "Help" in the grey Navigation Bar on the left side of this page.

Lab Activities

The school's i-CAT cone beam 3D imaging system has arrived

Our sincere thanks to Dr. W. Ronald Redmond for this generous donation. Click the picture below to see photos of the installation, including a couple of celebrity patients - plus Quicktime VR renderings:

   Click to see i-CAT information

Many of the Mathews Acquisition timepoints were animated by Allison Yen, who is now a Dugoni Dental School student. Click the following image to see more of her project:

   Click to see Mathews animations

Our 3D imaging capabilities expand, thanks again to Dr. W. Ronald Redmond

A 3D camera from 3dMD was installed recently at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. You can follow along via our 3dMD page.

   Click to see 3dMD information

A brief history of 3D instrumentation and measurement at CRIL is being assembled. This image links to the latest version:
   Click to see a short CRIL history

3D imaging of NewTom and MercuRay volumetric data continues apace. Click the following image to browse our gallery of movies:
   Click to see 3D movies


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