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3D Images and Animations

3D Imaging at CRIL

Most of our work with small-scale volumetric data involves 3D reconstruction and measurement using amira software (version 3.0, for the most part). The following movies are samples of some directions we've explored; they're divided into two groups according to the source of the data: QR's NewTom and Toshiba's MercuRay. We'll be posting more about these and other devices at this site soon.

Click a thumbnail image below to view or download an associated movie.

If your internet connection is slow, or your browser isn't configured to play movies, you might prefer downloading a file and viewing it locally with your preferred player - Windows users: right-click a thumbnail and choose "Save Target As..."; Mac users: control-click a thumbnail and choose "Download Link to Disk". We recommend QuickTime, a free download, for viewing within supported browsers and for standalone playback.

Models from NewTom Data

The following 4 movies show models that were constructed from data collected during a single NewTom exposure. This is a cleft-palate patient who has undergone some corrective surgery.
bonemovie3_hirez This is an overview of the patient's maxillary hard tissue, with the center of rotation at the center of the NewTom volume.

[10.4M MPEG-1]

section_movie2 Here the volume from the first example is segmented to show the interior of the palate from the posterior. The center of rotation in this detail view has been changed to the cleft area.

[2.5M MPEG-1]

complex surfaces and volumes This large [47.5M MPEG-1] movie shows a model created from the complete NewTom volume acquired during the session. Vector surfaces of the face, hard tissue, teeth, and selected internal soft tissue (including the sinus and larynx, shown in gold) are rendered at various levels of transparency together with volumetric representations of hard tissue (most visible in the spine, shown in dark blue). The soft tissue surfaces are shown as meshes.

[47.5M MPEG-1]

complex surfaces and volumes Transparent surfaces of the left maxillary teeth (with selected pulp chambers visible) were created from the same dataset used for the preceeding images. A few measurements (in centimeters) are also shown.

[11M MPEG-1]

Models from MercuRay Data

The following 3 movies show models that were constructed from data collected during a single MercuRay exposure. This young patient was small enough to acquire a large portion of the craniofacial volume within the limited imaging area.
MercuRay face .

[4.3M animated GIF]

MercuRay fade from face to skull .

[1.3M animated GIF]

skull and condyle model .

[5.4M animated GIF]

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